Gratuity Insight Reports

The Reports Window

The reports window is where you will create your payroll and groups reports. To generate a report, select the report dates and click the type of report you want to generate. To view your arriving and departing big groups, use the date selector on the right.
Reports window
Adjustments Report

The Adjustments Report

The adjustments reports is a report that will show you all adjustments that you have entered during the selected time period. There are two adjustments reports, the adjustments payroll report and the total adjustments report. The payroll report will show you the adjustments that were created with the add amout to employees payroll check box checked. The total adjustments report will show you all adjustments created with the add amount to employees totals checked. If an adjustment is created with both checked it will appear on both reports.

Gratuities Report

The Gratuities Report

Similar to the adjustments report, there are two versions of the gratuities report, the payroll and the totals reports. This report will show you all gratuities that have been entered for the selected time period. It contains each bell person with their id, and each gratuity they have been assigned. There is also a total gratuity amount to be paid to the employee. The report also lists hopw the gratuity is to be charged, whether it is to the guest, or a group code. There is also a comments field which can contain further charging instructions.

Groups Report

The Groups Payroll Report

The Groups Payroll Report shows you each bell person along with each big group they were assignd to during the selected time period. It lists each group, the date and the rate the bellperson is paid at for the group. When you enter the number of guests for the group, it is automatically divided among all employees at each rate. The amount that the bell person is paid for the group is this divided number of guests times the rate for the bellperson. There is also a total amount to be paid to the bell person for the groups. Groups are color coded as to whether it was an arriving group or a departing group.

Groups Report

The Groups Amounts Paid Report

The Groups Amounts Paid report is similiar to the Groups Payroll Report, but it shows you how much is to be paid out for each group. Each group is listed, along with each employee that is paid for the group and the amount to be paid. The arrival and departing employees are color coded, departing is blue.

Total paid report

The Total Payroll Report

The Total Payroll Report is a summary report of the Adjustments, Gratuities, and the Groups Payroll reports. It lists each employee and their id number. It shows you the total amount they are to be paid, and the breakdown of what they are being paid for. It lists the payroll amounts for the selected time period for adjustments, arriving big groups, departing big groups, and the gratuities that have been assigned to the employee.

Groups reports

Arriving and Departing Big Groups

This report will show you all arriving and depating groups for the selected date. The groups are sorted by the time they are being pulled for departing groups, and the arrival time for arriving groups. Each group is listed along with the employees assigned to the group and the pay rate for that employee. It also lists the arrival, pull and departing time for the groups. Departing groups are color coded light gray.