About Bell Desk Solutions

What is Bell Desk Solutions?

Bell Desk Solutions is a company I created to offer my software to the hotel industry. It started out of a desire to improve the management of my bell desk. I had a vision of how a bell desk should operate after 20 years experience as a bell person and as a bell captain. I had always been interested in computers, and decided to take as many computer science courses as my free time would allow. I quickly became quite profecient in computer programming. Now, the key to being able to sucessfully code any solution to any problem is to have an in depth understanding of the data that is involved in finding the solution. This I definately had after my 20 years experience. I also had the knowledge of the business rules that should be applied to the running of a bell desk. Using these two factors allowed me to create the solutions I now offer to you.

The stories behind my solutions

Bell Desk Insight

Bell Desk Insight was created out of a need to automate the day to day operations of the bell desk. I had the general idea of how it should work, and had same experience using another program that is used to run a bell desk. I foud the other program to be very restrictive, and would not allow me to use the rules that had been established for the operation of my bell desk. For example, the other program had no way to assign a last man job, and keep the bell person in the queue. Such a simple and common occurance. I decided to create a solution that would allow any bell desk to use any rules that had been established. This program is my pride and joy. After 10 years of developement, I feel that it is ready to be used by any bell desk any where!

Gratuity Insight

The Gratuity Insight solution was born out of a need to track what groups were assigned to each bell person, and to track their year to date money totals they received for working these groups. This lead to an easy way to generate payroll reports to make sure that each bell person way being paid the correct amout each week. I eventually came to need a way to also track gratuities that were being paid to the bell persons. This solution offers you a way to track all group payouts and all individual gratuities paid out. It also generates the payroll reports for each category, and keep accurate year to date totals for each category for each bell person. Thsi will make your life so much easier!

ticket board

Ticket Board was created out of a need to accurately track luggage. I needed a way to keep records of who checked bags, and more importantly when it had been checked.