Installing Bell Desk Insight

Installation considerations

How does Bell Desk Insight work?

Bell Desk Insight is basically a hybrid cliet server architecture. Each installation of Bell Desk Insight is just a client accessing a Microsoft Azure SQL database. When you configure Bell Desk Insight, you may set the refresh rate which governs how ofeten each installation will access the database for updates.

How many installations?

Bell Desk Insight may be installed on as many computers as your license will allow. You can choose to just install Bell Desk Insight on one computer at the bell desk. Or you may choose to istall Bell Desk Insight on each front desk agents computer, a couple installations for your supervisors, and installation at the bell desk. It really is up to you!

Installation process

After I receive your purchase order for Bell Desk Insight, I will set up your Microsoft Azure SQL database within 1 day. I will then provide you with the link to the Bell Desk Insight installer, and your database credentials which include the database name, server, your user name and password. You then simply need to run the installer on each computer where you want Bell Desk Insight installed.

What ports should be opened?

Bell Desk Insight works by using a Microsoft Azure SQL database for a back end. As such, you will need to have port 1433 open outgoing only (unless incoming is needed for other programs) on each computer where Bell Desk Insight is installed. For a more detailed overview of how the Azure firewall works, please see Azure IP Rules.

Bell Desk Insight database window

Database Information

When I create your Bell Desk Insight installer, I include all of the necessary information to connect to the Azure database. If you get any errors when attempting to connect to the Azure database, you may need to input the database connection information in this window. The connection information is included in the link that contains the installer file. It is easiest to simply copy and past from the credentials file to this window. Then, click on the Test Database Connection button. it may take up to 15 seconds for Bell Desk Insight to connect. Once the connection is valid, simply click on the Update Database Information button, and you are good to go!