Using Bell Desk Insight - Other Windows

The Search Fronts window is the window you will use to search for fronts that have already been assigned to your bell staff. To start, select the date range for the fronts you are interested in. You may now search thru the fronts by selecting a bellperson, using a room number or location of the front, the guest name , or the ticket number. After clicking Search Fronts, the fronts matching your search parameters are displayed. You may use one or more of these parameters to search your fronts. Clicking the Reset Search button will clear all parameters, and the fronts for the selected date range are displayed.
Search fronts window
The Notes Window is used to create, update and search notes that have been entered. Notes that have not been resolved are initially shown. When a bell person is not available for fronts, a note is automatically created. To create a new note, click New Note, select the person creating this note, optionally you may enter the room or location, the guest name or comments, and the text of the note (required). To update a note, select it in the data grid, make any changes, and click Update Note. To search notes, select the date range for the notes, and you may optionally enter a room / location, and the guest name or comments. You may also use the search to show notes that have been resolved.
Notes window
Bell Desk Insight queue2 window

The Second Queue

The Queue2 Window is a second queue. Any activities that were created with the attribute of Show in Queue2 Window checked will be available in the Queue2 window. Similar to the Dashboard window, you make right click on any bell persons name in either data grid to change their activity. The Queue2 window can be run independantly of the Dashboard queue, or you may use the configure window to have the Dashboard queue make changes to the second queue. To see how this can be useful, suppose that the bell persons take turns running fronts and the order is controlled by the Dashboard window. But they also take turns for picking up bags. The order for picking up bags is controlled by data grids on this window. If a bell person is assigned a front, they are no longer avialable to bring out bags. The Dashboard queue would remove the bell person from the secong queue in this case.

The Messaging window is how you send messages to your bell staff if they are using the Bell Desk Insight App. This window is also where you will create User Names and Passwords for your bell persons to log in on the Bell Desk Insight App. The user name and passwords that are created for the bellpersons on this window are only used for them to log in using the app, not a log in for the Bell Desk Insight program. The data grid contains a list of your bell staff. If they are signed in on the Bell Desk Insight App, their name will be green. To update this list, click the Update Who is signed In button. To send messages, Check the Send Message check box in the data grid for each bell person you want to send the message to. You may now enter the text of the message, and click Send Message. If your user level is high enough, you will be able set set up the User Name and Password for each of your bell persons.
Messaging window